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Plarad – a safe connection

We, Maschinenfabrik Wagner GmbH & Co. KG, have stood for quality, innovation and reliability in the field of bolting technology with our Plarad brand for 60 years now. We use the know-how of 150 employees worldwide to offer our customers product and service innovations, quality and safety.
We have 25 years of experience in bolting technology for wind turbines. We supply efficient solutions for all bolted connections – from the foundation to the rotor blade.
Through intensive cooperations with all manufacturers, assembly teams and many service companies, we know the requirements with regard to production, assembly and maintenance of wind turbines. We find individual solutions for our customers. An excellent example of this is our Safety Start Trigger (SST): In close cooperation with an international manufacturer of wind turbines, we have perfected the safety and user-friendliness of our DA2 battery nutrunner and individually adapted it to the needs of the user. The “two-hand operation” of the SST reduces the risk of injury to a minimum without affecting the ease of use. On the contrary, due to the pivoting function, operation by  left- and right-handed users is possible without restriction. An additional handle ensures easy lifting from bolting case to bolting case without setting it down. Thus, with our DA2 Safety Start Trigger, we have not only optimally fulfilled our customers’ requirements, but also created added value for the entire industry. For a successful overview of our company, our products and our projects in the wind energy sector, we recommend the 11th episode “Wir machen Wind! The wind energy sector in North Rhine-Westphalia introduces itself …” of the podcast “Renewable Energies – The EnergyAgency.NRW Podcast” Episode 11: We make wind! The wind energy sector in North Rhine-Westphalia introduces itself … (