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Hydraulic Torque Wrench LT

Our robust tool – for the most challenging applications and extremely confined spaces 

  • Reliable
  • Proven and consequently improved since decades
  • Plarad quality providing smart efficiency 
  • Compact design – ideal for highly-sensible and hard-to-access areas
  • Extremely sturdy housing allows a wide range of supports 

Application examples

  • Torque range from 200 to 10,000 Nm – system pressure up to 800 bar
  • Fine toothed ratched system reduces jamming of the torque wrench after the final torque
  • Standard square drive adapter
  • Extremely robust, resistant and stable reaction arms with various setting modes
  • Sustainable and long-lasting thanks to replaceable wearings

Also available as:

The allrounder among the hydraulic torque wrenches


The lightweight for all flange boltings

The ultimate problem solver for the most challenging applications