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Maschinenfabrik Wagner:

Premium torque and tension systems – Made in Germany

For 60 years our brand Plarad has stood for excellent quality. We employ around 150 people worldwide who take care of our customers’ requirements every day.

All under one roof: Plarad unites all skills like development of state-of-the art products, construction, service and safety.

Our product portfolio includes battery and electric nutrunners, as well as hydraulic torque wrenches and pneumatic nutrunners, power packs,tensioners, accessories as well as measuring & testing technology.

Thanks to our extensive range of training courses, on-site service, bolting case analyses, calibrations, repairs and consulting, we meet our customers’ quality requirements every day. Together with you, we develop the bolting systems of tomorrow.

„Plarad, a name that has become a brand. In the future, we will continue to focus on customer proximity and sustainability, relying in our experience in more than 50 industries.“

(Paul-Heinz Wagner –  Company founder)

Since April of 2019, Managing Director Dr. Marcus Stuhlert (photo on the left) has continued to pursue the strategy the company applied with great success in the past. The know-how of approx. 150 employees will continue to lay the groundwork for our objective to exceed customer expectations, live up to the standard of a premium brand and develop the product and service innovations of tomorrow.