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Hydraulic Torque Wrench K-series

The ultimate trouble shooter for special applications in extremely confined spaces


  • One product – hundreds of applications by quick and easy change of the ring spanner for custromer-specific requirements
  • The special tool made by Plarad – currently there is no comparable product on the market
  • Extremely narrow spaces and deep penetration of the ring spanner inserts
  • Open and closed ring spanners for special applications
  • A wide range of accessories allow multiple bolting applications 
  • Low weight  but high performance

Application examples

  • Torque range from 300 up to 30,000 Nm
  • System Pressure up to 800 bar

Spanner accessories

Plarad K-series with numerous spanners and ratchet systems for each standard and customized application

  • Standard ring spanner: fixed width across flat without ratchet system Particularly suitable for high torques in confined spaces.
  • RKF ring spanner: fixed width across flat with ratchet system
  • RKW ring spanner: interchangeable insets with ratchet system
  • Split ring spanner: can be hinged

Open ring spanner suitable for pipe and counter boltings (for pipelines, anchoring technology, bridge boltings etc.)

Also available as:


Our robust tool, suitable for all applications


The lightweight for all flange boltings


The allrounder among the hydraulic torque wrenches