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Hydraulic tensioner by Plarad

Modular design – the right tensioner for every bolting application!

Versions of tensioners:

For axial restricted installation situations

For radially restricted installation situations

Benefits of the tensioners:

  • “Fail-Safe” piston return: maximum safety due to continuous stroke limitation –  the mechanical end stop prevents extension of the piston (even under maximum load)

  • Highest speed: fast working due to automatic piston return

  • Long-lasting and sustainable due to connection of cylinder tubes via bayonet lock: Components can easily be disassembled and replaced for servicing

Power packs by Plarad

optimal for operating tensioners.


The perfect choice for powering tensioner applications.

The non plus ultra: one unit for several applications.

The all-rounder: documentation and torque/angle method.

The manual pump: high Plarad quality with light weight.

Tensioner overview: