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Wind Energy

PLARAD – We provide movement!

Our tools can be used for all bolting tasks in production, assembly, repowering and service: onshore and offshore according to manufacturer specifications. We assemble specific tool sets for your various bolting tasks for all types of wind turbines and develop task-specific assembly aids.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Tower, hub, nacelle and rotor blade bolting systems
  • Easy and fast work even in hard-to-reach places
  • Automatic quality documentation
  • High work safety due to special solutions
  • Manufacturer-specific assembly aids
  • Can be combined with external measuring devices
  • Devices for the torque-angle method

Our solutions for the wind energy

Manufacturers and service companies of wind turbines worldwide rely on PLARAD’s comprehensive system solutions. Whether production, assembly or maintenance – our bolting tools are reliable, easy to use and guarantee the safety of your employees. From the rotor blades, to the hub, to the foundation – our hydraulic and electric tensioning and bolting tools are versatile. Thanks to our smart hydraulic units, you gain additional added value – you can seamlessly record your bolting data and thus make your processes even more efficient.

Your advantages

  • Two-hand operation prevents intrusion into the hazardous area
  • Safety Start Trigger (SST): unit stops automatically when one of the two triggers is deactivated
  • 360° rotatable joint for recoilless operation and flexible positioning on the screwdriving case
  • Torque range up to 8,000Nm 

Your advantages

  • Storage of 10,000 bolting cases
  • Wireless transmission via WLAN module
  • Torque/angle mode
  • Torque test mode
  • The light weight and the well-engineered ergonomic
    profile enable good handling

Your advantages

  • The automatic pump controls and terminates the tightening process fully automatically, even in the case of multiple tightening operations, and displays this on the remote control unit
  • With the Plarad units, all tightening torques and further tightening angles performed are stored in the operating unit

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