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Zu sehen ist ein Panoramabild des Akku Drehmomentschraubers von Plarad zusammen mit Ladegerät Akkus und Aufsteckwerkzeug

Battery Nutrunner by Plarad

Battery nutrunner and bolting tools by Plarad torque & tension. Reliable and innovative tools for every industry.

DA2 Models:

The professional: mobile and easy to handle, for precise fastening applications.

The specialist for exact documentation of all fastening applications

The safety-specialist: Two-hand operation  minimizes risk of injury

The moving: especially designed for opening and closing of valves and rotating movements. 

Benefits of the battery nutrunner DA2 by Plarad

  • Active battery charge indicator
  • Transparent working through Smart Device: displays the bolting progress and device information 
  • Control of fastening operations and torque lock via App grant precise and accurate torque pre-selections
  • Immediate feedback while working through wearables, e.g. smart watches or Augmented Reality Glasses
  • IoT charger indicates battery charge for more reliable job planning
  • Battery limit control: proactive torque and battery monitoring

Battery nutrunner overview: